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This is who we are…


Detox to Retox Yoga

New Years Eve Bash

Ugly Sweater Christmas Party

SPOOK-TACULAR Detox to Rexox

Brought to you by the mighty Casa de Yoga! Free to all. Open to all levels. Bring a yoga mat and stick around for Bloody Mary's and Yoga Mafia shots. Yoga will start at noon so show up and grab a space at about 11:30.

Halloween 2016

Halloween Pachanga

Its our birthday!!!

Join us Monday, October 3rd. It's a celebration!!!

  • Join us for the celebration! Come hang with the crew.

7th Annual Chili Cook Off

Get your recipes perfected as we are hosting another year of a great chili contest.
Awards and prizes will be given to winners as well as raffled prizes will be given out with the purchase of raffle tickets.
All proceeds will be given to charity.
See you all there!



Yonatan Gat (Monotonix) Show/ Special Guest Hope Riot

  • Sep[tember 17th, 2014

Fifth Annual Charity Chili Cookoff

  • Chili Cook Off - Sunday November, 17th

A Ray Wallace Original

A Glimpse

  • Four Corners of the Bar- photo by Tim Valencia
  • A Busy Night, the Whales Watching Over the Crowd- photo by Tim Valencia
  • Some people think this is the name of our bar... it is not the name, it is what we are... - photo by Tim Valencia
  • Mood Lighting... - photo by Tim Valencia
  • Our pergola has a tattoo, like the rest of us - photo by Tim Valencia
  • A few of our fine draughts - photo by Tim Valencia
  • BOOZE!!! - photo by Tim Valencia
  • Our collection of brass wall ornaments - photo by Tim Valencia
  • A bit of Holiday decor, the whales felt like being green for the Holidays, they're so thoughtful - photo by Tim Valencia
  • This is our long booth, loads of new friends can be made at Hope and Anchor - photo by Tim Valencia
  • This is a Ray Wallace design, it pays to have supremely talented friends - photo by Tim Valencia
  • This is our outside liquor rack, made from gas pipe... there's no gas in there though, don't worry - photo by Tim Valencia
  • Greg taking the baby bar for a twirl - photo by Tim Valencia
  • Summer on the patio, there may not be anything better - photo by Tim Valencia

We were grateful to be a stop on a charity bike run


Hope and Anchor Residents

Halloween 2010

  • Pumpkins waiting to be carved
  • Scary
  • Of course!
  • Who else thinks clowns are the scariest?
  • Hope and Anchor Graveyard
  • Chase?
  • Eddie aka Tobias
  • Dance Party!
  • We serve smurfs
  • And Muppets
  • People hangin
  • Greg of the Corn